Innovative travel Start-up from the UK.

The target audience, are travelers. Based on special preferences, an infographics was created for him, a unique program for the trip, illustrating events and events that will take place in the specified place, in a period of time, and on the topic. Is a spot where you will find human-curated recommendations from the community of travel experts, all is personalized to your #TravelMood and favorite things. It gathers information from integrated thirdparty services such as Eventbrite, FourSquare, Google, Facebook and others which makes this web application very fast working and accurate while seeking new trips and adventures!

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Just tell your internet needs and you can choose the best broadband deals for you.

DealAwards is the website that lets you compare broadband plans from the best broadband providers. Compare internet providers by price, speed, data and more. DealAwards is 100% free-to-consumer, which means you don't have to worry about being charged by us. Use DealAwards to compare services as many times as you like. DealAwards is on the mission of saving customer`s time and money.


Is all about bringing home buyers and home sellers together.

You can create your own open house listing in minutes. Snap a few pictures, schedule a date and time, and the RSVPs will start lying in. It turns your open house into exciting events helping real estate agents to disseminate information about real property put up on sale. OpenHaus is developed to capture your leads by sending e-blasts to your contacts or gathering RSVPs from outside your circle. The web app guides real estate all the way from starting an open house event till closing the deal. With the finest leads and exposure, it becomes very easy to get the best deal for your client!

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DTS Fitness

Fitness Education is a system to deliver practical fitness education.

This course goes beyond technical information and to deliver attend live courses and online education. DTS Fitness Education is committed to delivering straightforward, practical information that active individuals, personal trainers, strength coaches, physiotherapists, and chiropractors can use right away to improve client outcomes. We used Angular 2 and material style for the development. Angular 2 running with comprehensive, modern UI components. Finely tuned performance.

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