QA and Beta Testing

Once we build your application or site, we try to break it. We take it for (a very bumpy) test drive, making sure nothing falls apart and ensuring all the features and functionalities are working crisply. To perform testing, our Quality Assurance team uses detailed checklists, specifications and reviews wireframes created in the project’s earlier stage. They run the website and/or application through a variety of diagnostic tools including code validators and speed-test checkers. They will also do a meticulous cross-browser check (including the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and more. Our team make sure to analyze and test the functional flow of the final product, testing every last potential user scenario including registrations, check-outs, calculations - ensuring every function works error-free and as intended.

Finalization and Project Launch

After multiple rounds of testing and QA, we get ready to move to a live server. Our project managers propose a launch schedule; once we agree on a timeline, all the profiles and passwords necessary for launch are prepared and tested. We take a painstaking approach to ensure the quality of your new web or mobile application meets our high standards and meets your goals and objectives.


Our helpdesk offers services including making changes, fixing bugs and errors, site & design updates and enhancements, and making sure your CMS is up to date. We help with ongoing design needs in addition to customized front end coding requests. We use the latest technologies to deliver the backend functionality our clients rely on. We know that all organizations need to keep their digital presence vibrant and up-to-date. Whatever your request, from a website redesign to completely updated HTML and SEO support – we are here to help. After all, implementing your new application is never the end of a project. We monitor everything to keep your product running properly after we go live.